Owning A High Pickup For The Vertically Challenged

Owning a truck is not just for the tall and rugged. Those who are short in stature can appreciate the capabilities of a truck. Sometimes you may need a truck in order to tow and haul, especially if you do this on a regular basis. For others, having a truck means being able to cart around business tools which are necessary for work. If you are vertically challenged and you find that you have issues getting into and operating trucks, here are some things you can do to make large pickups easier for you. 

Get a retractable running board added

The first thing that you will need to change is the difficulties getting into the cab of the truck. If you find it a struggle to step up into the driver's seat, you should add retractable running boards to your truck. The running board will make it a lot easier to climb inside of the vehicle. When you install a retractable running board, the board can fold down towards the vehicle when you are driving so that there are not too many parts making the truck wider. 

Install pedal extenders

Sitting up high makes it easier to see in traffic when you are on the road. This can be an advantage for people who are short and may have issues with vision in smaller vehicles. The only issue is that you may find yourself having a hard time looking out of the windshield and touching the pedals at the same time. If the truck seats sit up high and you have short legs, you will need to get pedal extenders to make driving possible. The lucky thing about pedal extenders is that they are easy to install and tend to have very little issues. Get pedal extenders that you feel comfortable pressing to ensure that your speed development and braking does not have a learning curve. 

Add pads to the seats

If you need just a little bit of a boost in order to see better out of your rearview mirror, you should add padded seating to your car. Padded seating can be disguised as upgraded seating because you can hide the padding under a brand-new seat cover. Your seat cover will be beautiful and will give you a bit of a boost in the seating area. Sitting up another two or three inches will make safe driving a lot easier.