Four Great Features You May Want With Your Next SUV

If you're ready to start searching for a new sport utility vehicle, you can look for options that have some key features intended to give you a better driving experience. Many of these features have been included in the newest SUVs to differentiate them from standard vehicles. Getting a new SUV that has these four great features can be worth your investment.

An Advanced Interface Screen

Try to choose a top-rated SUV that has an advanced interface screen. This will help customize your driving experience even further with its easy-to-program features. Your interface screen may include cloud-based technology and voice recognition. Satellite radio may also be accessible with the push of a button on your screen. Many of the best systems can even be integrated with mobile phones so that phone calls can be made and answered without having to hold a phone up to the ear while driving.

Blind Spot Monitoring with Cross-Traffic Alert

Many of today's most popular SUVs are equipped with systems that can make changing lanes and driving in reverse safer. You can buy a vehicle that has a blind spot monitoring system that will alert you with an audio signal if you're about to change lanes and another vehicle or object is in one of your blind spots. When you put your vehicle into reverse and try to back up, the cross-traffic alert system will notify you if anything is behind you or about to cross your path.

Auto Start-Stop Technology

If you're tired of wasting fuel when your vehicle is stuck at long red lights or stopped because of traffic jams, this feature can save gas and help reduce the amount of air pollution that comes from your vehicle. When your vehicle comes to a complete stop, the feature will automatically shut off your engine. As soon as you push on the gas peddle to start driving again, your engine will come on quickly so that you won't be stalled. 

Active Park Assist

Parallel parking is challenging for many drivers, and this feature can take a lot of the frustration and guesswork from performing the task. The active park assist feature in many modern-day vehicles can control the steering as drivers control the brake and gas pedals to modify the shifting and speed during the process of parallel parking. If you become stuck in a tight parking spot, the system will also help guide you so that you'll be able to drive out of the space without damaging your SUV or other vehicles that are parked next to you.

No matter which SUV you wish to purchase, you can simplify your search by looking for a vehicle that has these convenient features. You'll likely notice many positive changes in how your vehicle operates when you have these features at your disposal. For more information about SUVs, such as a Ford Edge, contact an automotive company.