Using Aftermarket Truck Equipment And Parts To Build Your Custom Overlanding Rig

While watching online videos of overlander vehicle owners outfitting their rigs for adventure is fun, it is even more exciting to start working on your truck. But where do you start with this project?

Here are some suggestions:

Consider Where and How You Will Adventure

Before outfitting your truck, you should consider your unique needs. Experienced overlanders advise you to think about where you will travel. Think about what truck equipment and parts are necessary to get where you want to drive. Seasoned travelers also advise you to consider items needed for safety and comfort on the road. 

For example, a lift kit is a must if you plan to travel over rocky trails or on deeply rutted roads. Suspension upgrades ensure safer and more comfortable travel in remote areas by protecting hubs and axles from breakage and keeping passengers in the cab more comfortable.

Once you know the types of roads you will encounter, you can start outfitting your rig. 

Must-Have Overlanding Truck Equipment and Parts

There are some must-have overlander truck parts and equipment for every vehicle modified for traveling in rugged or rural backcountry.

They include:

A Tire Deflator and Air Compressor

When your truck's tires encounter washboard gravel roads or slippery mud, airing down its tires is a must. The easiest way to air down is by using a tire deflator. With this handy tool, you set it to the amount of pressure you want, and it stops deflating when it gets to that pressure. 

To protect your tires, you must air back up when you get back to the pavement. To do so, you either need an aftermarket onboard air compressor or a portable 12-volt. Since the portables are slow to air up a large truck tire, installing onboard air is an excellent modification for all overlander rigs. Every time you air up a tire, you will be glad you installed it.

A Winch Designed to Pull the Weight of Your Truck

You will get stuck when offroading in bad weather or on sketchy roads. While sometimes this is part of the fun, it is also very frustrating when you are stuck in a snowbank on a freezing evening.

A winch is the best way to extract your truck when it gets stuck. The weight of your rig determines the necessary size of the winch. Installing a winch that is too small won't safely pull your truck.

For help beginning this adventure, contact a local truck equipment and parts supplier such as John Dsuban Spring Serv.